Downsize? Is it time?

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Downsize in Your Golden Years: Resources for Retirees

Now that you’re retired, do you ever feel like your current home is just a bit too big for your needs? Many seniors prefer to downsize after reaching retirement to simplify their lives. Presented by Kyle Souza, these resources will guide you through every aspect of downsizing, from decluttering to packing up for your move.

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Buying (or Building) a House 

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As you look for a new home, you should consider either building or buying a house. These resources will help you with the “hows” and “whys” of such tasks.

  • A tiny house is a smart option for seniors who wish to be near their families for support while retaining their own space and privacy.
  • Check out home prices in the city where you want to buy so that you can create a reasonable budget for a small property.
  • Work with experienced real estate agent Kyle Souza for help finding the right property or house.
  • If you need to rent a space temporarily while you’re waiting to move into your home, find a home or apartment in a neighborhood close to your new house.
  • Be sure that your new tiny house has any trip, slip and fall hazards removed before moving in.

Time to Downsize

You’ve closed on a home with just enough square footage, and now, you’re ready to scrutinize your belongings and let go of everything you don’t need.

Make a Moving Day Plan

In the lead-up to moving day, it helps to get prepared ahead of time!

  • Don’t just stash random items in boxes — pack in an organized fashion and label all of your containers.
  • Research local moving services online and compare rates to get the best deal.
  • Ask your loved ones for a helping hand when it’s time to unpack. They can lift the heavy boxes for you.
  • Consider hiring a senior move manager, who is specially equipped and experienced with relocations among the older population.

The process to downsize takes time, but in the end, your efforts will be worthwhile. You’ll find that it’s easier to manage a smaller property and live with fewer belongings. Downsizing is a great way to get more enjoyment out of your life in retirement.

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