Home Staging Tips

Home Staging

Home Staging Tips

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Staging your home to sell

Many home sellers wonder if home staging makes a difference.  In my experience, especially in the current market, it certainly makes a difference in how much buyers are willing to offer for your home.  Some simple home staging tips can make your home sell faster and for more money.

What is home staging?

Home staging is the process of improving the visual appeal of your home when you are preparing it for sale.  Making your home “show ready” can be simple, such as decluttering and depersonalizing your home.  Depending on the decor of your home, home staging may require some painting to make the colors more neutral or doing renovations to update it and make it more modern and appealing to home buyers.

Which rooms should I focus my home staging efforts on?

According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) 2021 home staging study, buyers found staging the living room to be the most appealing to them.  The second room where staging is most important is the master bedroom and third was staging the kitchen.  Home staging makes it easier for buyers to view the property as their future home.  Although this may seem like extra work, the end result will be worth it.  Your home will sell more quickly and put more money in your pocket.

Can I stage my home myself?

When you are thinking about selling your home, home staging will make an impact on how quickly your home sells and how much money you will sell your house for.  I have created this home staging tips guide for you here – My Top 10 Staging Tips.  It contains some staging tips that should be considered and followed when you are thinking about selling your home and you want to yield the most bang for your buck.

Final thoughts on staging

The COVID 19 pandemic has created a high demand from buyers for new homes.  Home buyers are looking for extra space since so many people working from home now.  Home buyers have shown that they are willing to pay a premium for homes that are move in ready and have taken advantage of home staging.  There is a perceived value when a home is staged.  Home sellers that use staging to help sell their homes experience bidding wars and end up achieving home sale prices that are much more than they imagined.

If you have ever watched HGTV you have seen the effect home staging has on the visual appeal of a property.

When you are thinking about selling your home, you will want to stage your home and use an agent that takes advantage of professional home staging companies to get you the most money when you sell your home.  Give me a call at 760-274-0991, I’d love to chat about selling your home for the most money in the least amount of time.