Budget-Friendly Cleaning Advice for Dog Lovers

Kyle Souza
Kyle Souza
Published on November 21, 2018

For everything we love about dogs, the messes they can make are not so lovable. Whether your pup’s MO is
shedding, slobbering, or scratching up things, owners have to be constantly on
their toes and ready to clean up what Fido leaves behind. Unfortunately, the
costs of cleaning supplies can really add up and eat into your household
budget. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favorite cleaning tips that help you
save money while keeping a clean and pristine home.

ShopSmart Online

Shopping online isn’t just convenient, it
provides endless opportunities for saving money. First off, when you shop
online, you’re less likely to indulge in impulse purchases. Online shopping
also makes it more convenient to price compare and find coupon codes. However,
one of the easiest ways to save money shopping online is by prowling around for
the best deals, such as digging through daily deals
or finding ways to earn cash
for sites like Amazon. There are countless options
available, so do some digital legwork and seek them out.

Remove Hair with a Common Household Item

If your couch is covered in dog hair, everyone
who sits on it will be taking a little bit with them when they leave. Remove
the evidence of your pup’s shedding with an item you likely already have in
your kitchen: a rubber glove. Traditionally used to
protect hands and nails from harsh dishwashing detergents and hot water, rubber
gloves remove fur from fabrics more effectively than a lint roller. Lint
rollers only last a few swipes before you have to remove a layer to revive
stickiness. This doesn’t just waste paper and plastic; it also
wastes your money. Furthermore, when you use a lint roller, a bit of that
adhesive is always left behind. That sticky residue actually ends up attracting
more dust and hair on your furniture and clothes, perpetuating your need to buy
more lint rollers! Cut the toxic cycle by stocking up on a couple pairs of
rubber gloves, and save some money by looking for sales
and discounts for stores like Walmart.

Prevent Messes Before They Happen

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure. Taking precautions to prevent messes before they happen is one of the
easiest ways to maintain a clean home when you own a dog. One of the best means
of prevention is regular grooming. A dog that is
bathed and brushed regularly sheds less. When you brush out a long-haired dog,
you are able to remove fur from the undercoat that would otherwise fall right
to your floor. Washing your pup depending on his needs also removes dirt and
dust he drags in from the outside.

If messy paw prints on your clean floors is a
regular problem, it helps to set up a paw wash station by your regular
entrance where you can wipe down dirty feet. If you have a hose or water source
near the door, that is the perfect spot to situate your station. However, if
you don’t have that resource, you can still create a space for removing mud and
dirt from paws right at the entrance by keeping a towel and spray bottle with a
little bit of castile soap and water by the door. Spray the soap solution on
dirty paws and use the towel to gently wipe it away. As always, remember to pay
attention to weekly ads and look for promo codes for stores like Target
to help you stay on budget. You can also use sites
like Honey to help you save some cash.

Dogs are sources of happiness — but they’re also sources of household messes. You can keep a clean home without going broke with a few simple tips. Shop for supplies online so you can easily compare prices, use coupons, and get cash back for popular retailers. Instead of investing in wasteful lint rollers, remove fur from shedding with a reusable rubber glove. Finally, if you want to reduce messes you have to work toward preventing them. Make sure to groom your pup regularly, and set up a paw washing station at your normal entrance so it’s convenient to clean off dirt and mud before they end up on your floors.

Article courtesy of Aurora James with Dog Etiquette


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